Thursday, April 7, 2011

Apple iPod touch 5G 128GB!!!

WWDC is happening this year too.. But no sign of hardware new comers.. You can look them upon at Apple Developer's Web Portal..  When I got online at my twitter account today I saw something special at RedmondPie... An amazing tweet at all.. :D

 It says about iPod touch 5G is coming.. I think in next year.. Not this time.. Because WWDC announces them everytime when they going to make the market refresh... So look there post..  You know what? Honestly I think this is a fake... Because the iPod in that site looks very weird.. My 3rd generation iPod touch also looks better than that :) Go ahead check this link :D

Tjis tell that new iPod is coming with touch sensitive home button and a 128GB flash memory... I'm quite astonished  :o

APPLE iPOD Touch 5G!!


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