Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to mirror iPhone, iPod touch display to your TV or LCD display!


Including me, world’s most of people’s one of favorite gadget is iPhone or iPod touch. I’m using a fourth generation 32GB iPod Touch which is my partner of many day to day activities. Yes there’s something called as iPad, but isn’t it too large to carry and I don’t feel it as comfortable in hands.
                One of the best features that iPad got is that video mirroring support. And the new iPhone 4S has got it too. But unfortunately Apple has not enabled that feature to old iPhones and iPod Touchs. So what is this feature actually does? As the word says its all about mirroring. That means you can see your iDevice right through your TV or LCD monitor. That means you can play your favorite games through your large displays with the accelometer sensors. If you use HD games, this is will same as a game console either. Like Xbox or PlayStation. Let’s see how to proceed….

You want these –
1)      A jailbreaked iDevice
2)      A working internet or wifi connection
3)      Apple TV out composite cable or Apple HDMI cable ( HDMI cable is the best )
4)      Willingness of making creative prospects :P

So this is the step you have to make it real –

1)      Jailbreak your iDevice if it has got no jailbreak treatment yet
2)      Open  “Cydia” app
3)      In the bottom line tap on the “Manage” icon
4)      Then your screen will show 3 tabs. Select “Sources” tab.
5)      Then on the next screen top right, tap on “Edit” and then it will show a “Add” button on top left corner. Tap it too..
6)      Then it will give you a text box to enter a URL. There type and tap on “Add Source button. It will ask you to confirm it as it’s a illegal source. That means most of softwares from that source are cracked ones. Don’t afraid. Just say yes. And it will download some data.

7)      Return back to Cydia again ( Tap bottom left corner )
8)      Go to search screen ( Tap on “Search” on bottom panel )
9)      Search for “DisplayOut  Cracked” and install it! 
1         Search for “LsRotator” and install it.
11)   Activate LsRotator ( It will make your iphone display landscape mode.
12)   Connect the TV out cable to TV or HDMI to TV or either to your LCD display
13)   Enjoy :D

It’s better using a HDMI cable. Otherwise you will see pixels on the large display. Play HD games and HD videos… You are free! :D


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