Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to add a new source to Cydia app store!

How to add a new source to Cydia app store!

What is “Cydia app store” ?
       It is a app store when you get after you jailbreak your iPhone or whatever the iDevice. It will hold some serious collections of applications that might useful to do extra modifications. If you don’t know what is jailbreaking, Read This First!

What is a source?
    Source is a collection of data like links to a server which holds app data. You need to enter new sources in order to get softwares which currently not available in your stock sources in Cydia app.

How to install a new source to your iDevice?

1)      Jailbreak your iDevice if it has got no jailbreak treatment yet
2)      Open  “Cydia” app
3)      In the bottom line tap on the “Manage” icon
4)      Then your screen will show 3 tabs. Select “Sources” tab. 

5)      Then on the next screen top right, tap on “Edit” and then it will show a “Add” button on top left corner. Tap it too..

6)      Then it will give you a text box to enter a URL. There type the source URL. Like and tap on “Add Source button. It will ask you to confirm. Don’t afraid. Just say yes. And it will download some data.

7)      Return back to Cydia again ( Tap bottom left corner )

It’s done! J


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