Sunday, November 6, 2011

Share files over Bluetooth via your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad! ( Celeste BT File Sharing App )


   Since the day Apple Inc. released their first iDevice series they have not enabled Bluetooth file sharing facility. They have only included the audio synchronization files. That means you can only use the built in Bluetooth as a headset support.
In fact you will have to jailbreak your iDevice in order to install this app. It’a in Cydia app store.
So this app will help you to transfer any file with your iDevice. Name is “ Celeste”. Available from the BigBoss source for 9 dollars.  And your iOS version must be iOS 4.2.1 or more.

If you want to download a cracked copy for free, there is a cracked version in the “” source. Download and test. I had a bug while trying to transfer a song from music player via that cracked copy. Others were fine. So go for it if you don’t want to transfer music. If you really need download the paid app. You will get a 15 day trial period. I suggest you to get the free trial and test it. Then buy or go for the cracked one.
Have fun! :D


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