Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to unlock the LOCK CODE of Nokia mobile phones !!!

In nokia mobile phones lock code is a key to editing very high level information, original setting recovery, and even for booting of the phone. So in  a nokia phone this lock code can be the most important thing. This is will be very useful anyone who don't know the lock code or who have their lock codes in mind. I checked this stuff with a nokia 6120 classic ( a 3rd edition s60 3.1 mobile ) and for the other other phones sometimes you may read the inner help of the software please. And this is a test result and I'm not going to take any problem that caused to you. SO HANDLE WITH CARE.... These softwares aredriven smoothly in windows xp. Now let's go to the stuff. Follow the below instuctions and you will be succeeded..

1) Install nokia pc suit and let it to install the drivers and other stuff.

2) Plug off your phone from the computer

3) Download th Nemesis Service Suite Or you can DOWNLOAD IT HERE

4) Install it. When you install it you will be asked for a installation platform to choose within a 5 platforms. I prefer to choose USB VIRTUAL DRIVE.

5) After installation open the software. And plug on your mobile to computer.

6) In the nemesis software you willl find a button "scan for new device " in the upper right corner. Click it. It will discover your phone.

7) Then click " Phone Info " on the left corner.

8) After that click "permanent memory " and then click on "READ" button. Then computer will read a variety of information in mobile and will save report on your hard disk. Path to that file will be given right after the reading is done. So open it and go down of the page. then you will find some long number..

  Eg:- 5=31313131310000000000  Now you have to do is backspace 5, =, all 3's, and all 0s.  Then it's the code. In this sample code it's 11111....

9) Hope you will find this information helpful. Is their any problems doing this leave a comment or email me...


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