Saturday, January 29, 2011

Installing A HP 1000 series Laser-jet Printer - Linux ....

Always a printer comes with it's own software pack. In most cases they are for mac or windows.. But we want to get it for linux. Yeah we did that...   Following is the step by step order to install your 1000 series printer in linux distributions...

1) Plug your printer to pc and wait till it automatically reveals the printer.

2) Run your gnome-terminal or kde-konsole

3) sudo apt-get install build-essential

4) wget -0 foo2zjs.tar.gz foo2zjs.tar.gz

5) tar -zxvf foo2zjs.tar.gz

6) cd foo2zjs

7) sudo make install

8) make

9) ./getweb 1020

10) sudo make install install-hotplug cups

11) Restart your computer.. That's all....


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