Thursday, September 1, 2011

Apple iOS 4.3.5 review + Direct download links

I was using my fourth generation iPod touch with iOS 4.2.1 for about 7 months now. I was having problems like malfunctioning apps, icon disappearing and so on. So I did a restore and upgrade to iOS 4.3.5 today. I know you guys have plenty of experiences, but I just thought to express it in my way ;)

    This software update costs 651MB and you can download them through iTunes so easily. But if you have no stable internet connection don't use iTunes download manager to download it. Instead use direct links from Apple web site. The links are shown below ;)

Download if you want to install. But there is a huge problem with this software update. That is there is no untethered jailbreak solution for this iOS 4.3.5 version. there's only a tethered jailbreak solution and it's from RedsnOw.. A tethered jailbreak means that you will need the access to a computer to switch on your iDevice after everytime you shut it down. Untethered jailbreak means that you wont need any computer access to boot up your iDevice.  So I recommend that carrier unlock dependants and jailbreakers must be away from this. I'm too a jailbreak type person , but I had to do this... :(

          As soon as I got this installed on my iPod touch I found out that " Facetime " logo has been changed to a new silver colour thing. I really loved the earlier green colour icon. And I didn't see any changes in other icons.

Music Player was just as usual...No specific changes at all... Just perfect <3

Gallery was the same.. No changes. Multiple selection is great when you go for an Air Print ;)

Multiple selection...

It's all about easy of use... Air Printing.. 

Voice over, Zooming and white on black options were in iOS 4.2.1 too... For those who don't know,

Voice over - Reads the icon when you touch it

Zoom - When you tap twice on the screen with two fingers it will zoom the screen in anywhere ;)

White on Black - Makes contrasting negative colours everywhere

And I wonder what the heck this Apple guys have added a "Mono Audio" option :o

My info page

There are not any big changes in this version. But one thing. I couldn't track my location in 4.2.1 and this does it like a charm. Looks like guys at Cupertino fruit company has fixed that great option... See you guys later.... I really love iOS <3


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