Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nvidia GT540M GPU with Optimus technology! ( Stay away Linux and Mac users!!! )


Nvidia GT540M GPU with Optimus technology! ( Stay away Linux and Mac users!!! )

  I recently bought an Acer aspire 4750G laptop and it came with a high performance nvidia GT540M GPU with the nvidia optimus technology. In my last post I described what is called as the nvidia optimus technology and what the use of it.

             I described the issues with linux operating systems with this gpu. And I suggested you some answers too. I was able to disable my nvidia card. Even if I could disable it I’m currently working with a wubi installation of linux ubuntu 11.04 natty narwhal.  It doesn’t  give me a chance to boot in to installation page even. So I’m just saying that keep away from the notebooks with GT540M if you are a hardcore linux user.

               This story is also common for mac users too. I mean for hackintosh computers. I was also looking to install mac os x lion in my new sub notebook. But unfortunately I found that there are some users who are complaining about display resolution conflicts and errors on installation procedure with these laptops which includes nvidia GT540M. I couldn’t check mac os x yet. But I suggest you to find some more information on hackingtosh support for this gpu adaptor.

    If you are a hardcore gamer and a lovely windows user laptops with this gpu is best for you. But if you are a one who willing to make your day with linux or mac os I suggest you to find a different kind of gpu. What about intel HD3000? Laptops with 2nd generation laptops comes with this as this gpu is a internal in processor. Get a cheaper intel hd and you will be fine. If you are handy in tweaking, any laptop will suit you! See ya folks later :D


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